More information on Carnatic music

A news & features monthly journal devoted to Indian music and dance
Carnatic student
Educational website providing information about Carnatic music
Sampurna homepage
Site by Ludwig Pesch on South Indian classical music
Parampara foundation
Site by Saskia Kersenboom on traditional dance in Tamilnadu, South India
Brhaddhvani's Om
Non-profit organization founded to impart a broad-based, holistic Karnatak
(South Indian Classical) music education
Indian cultural organization organizing concerts, printing books, and recording music
Music Research
Research of Indian music, a new website by Prof. Dr. N. Ramanathan and Hema Ramanathan, at Chennai (India)
Music dictionary and database of lyrics
Lyrics to thousands of Carnatic songs with information on ragas and composers
Bhajana Sampradaya
Traditional bhajana music in South India
Carnatic Corner
Comprehensive links to Carnatic music sites
Ad Madhavan
Anthology of 33 Carnatic music composers with song texts in seven Indian languages
ITC Sangeet Research Academy
North Indian (Hindustani) music

Musical instruments

Sapthaswara musicals
Manufacturers and exporters of indian musical instruments
Exporters & Dealers in musical instruments, specializing also in the south indian Vina

Publishers and bookshops

Harrassowitz booksellers
Brill, academic publishers